If you enjoy entertaining and dining with family and friends in your home, your dining room needs to provide the comfort and atmosphere necessary to ensure that such evenings meet your expectations – and theirs too. All you need is a twinkle of an idea for your custom made dining room furniture and we will make it a reality.


Dining chairs are everything that defines the look of the dining table. Find modern dining room chairs as dashing as the table itself at Likitha Interiors.


A dining table is the second most important furniture you will buy after a sofa set.Spend quality time with your family seated around our dining table sets. Browse our range to find your perfect dining furnitures.

Dining table set balcony

Having a dining table makes eating with the family a comfortable and warm experience. Even a small balcony can be made into an outdoor dining area. We will help you to choose a beautiful dining set so that you and your family can a peaceful dinner out in your balcony under the sky.


Washbasin designed for every style and taste. Discover our range of wash basin in different designs, materials and sizes.