Kids Room


Storage, Storage, Storage! This built in offers plenty of much needed space to keep your child’s room tidy and beautiful. In our workshop we create beautiful kids bedroom furniture and playhouses. – Custom designed and all are built to last, and every last one is meant to inspire your kids to play!


We create beautiful kids beds and playhouses made to order, made to last, and made to inspire your child to play! From castles to space ships to monster trucks and more, if you can dream it, we can do it!


Every kid loves to have furniture that is fit for his/ her height and is of a size that is comfortable for him/her to use. Your kids room and the furniture in it play an important role in how they grow. These study tables have come a long way from being plain tables and chairs to attractive study tables in various themes and colors. We have an exciting range of not just kids study table but even other kids furniture such as kids beds & kids chairs that can make even an adult squeal like a kid.


If a whole wardrobe or cupboard attached to the study table is too much for you, consider getting a study table that also doubles up as a bookshelf. We have many options for this, such as the Lewis Hutch Desk In Walnut Finish and the Moreno Study Table In Black Colour by Likitha modulars.